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Octro Teen Patti Cheats For All Without Any Hack

Octro Teen Patti Cheats For All Without Any Hack

Octro Teen Patti Cheats For All Without Any Hack

Octro Teen Patti is one of the most popular Indian poker game. Many people are searching for Octro teen patti hacks for Unlimited chips OR Octro Teen Patti cheats for chips and many person online put fake information about it and making people foolOctro Teen Patti game is going viral and is attracting the attention of old and young people these days. Today I have reveal some tricks and facts about Octro Teen Patti hack. In this post I will share to win unlimited chips on Octro Teen Patti.

First Method

1.First step to create a fake account on facebook.
2. Log in it to two Android device.
3. Log in it to Teen Patti on both device.
4. Choose a table.
5. Invite your any friend on that table.
6. Choose same table from second device with help of your friend, that you have invited earlier.

Now with same ID you have captured two seats in same table.

This will increase your chance of winning. Because in both seats you have different sets of Patti.

*This method may violate facebook Terms and conditions. So use this method at your own risk.

Second Method
If you are not comfortable with first method then use this simple method.

Ask your friend for help you. And play at same table. Help each other one by one. there are some tips that can help you while playing.

1. Always bet only when your cards in hand have better cards than queen 6-4.

2.Never be very expressive while playing the game of teen patti. Do not get Chaal too fast when you get good cards. Plus chaal if you have low cards and if you want to play bluff, but never give second chaal if any other player plus this again. This will give be an informative for the other players.
3. Do not play many games on same table. 
4. Remember every table on Octro Teen Patti is set in that manner in which every user will wins after some hands.
5. Remember your patte is depends on Dealer, Boot value, who wins last time.  You might also like Why Hacking Octro Teen Patti Hack is Impossible?

Octro Teen Patti Cheats For All Without Any Hack
  • GameKiller is an Android app for hacking coins, chips, money and much more of an android game BUT it only works for OFFLINE games.
  • Fake videos and blogs are making people fools by saying they hacked Teen Patti using GameKiller :P
  • GameKiller required root access so you have to root your device and rooting will void your device's warranty and After using game killer nothing will happen because Teen Patti is an Online game.
  • So i recommend you to don't root your Smartphone for hacking Octro teen patti because it will not work.

*Even if you need to hack Teen Patti contact me privately from contact form.

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