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Udemy :- A beginner guide step by step

Do you have passion of sharing knowledge of your favourite topic or do you have knowledge of any tool or technique which you can easily share? If yes then you can earn millions of dollar in just couple of days.
It may be surprise you to read if one can earn that much by just video series, then probably you are not aware of Udemy!!!!
Udemy is one of the most popular video series platform that bring teacher and student together and where subject matter expert instruct people an easy way to learn any thing.
Here you do not need to worry about video promotion or publishing as every thing done by udemy itself…you just need to  join, plan, create and produce videos.If you really want to know more about Udemy and how one can earn then this step by step guide help you in each steps.
How much one can earn?                                                                   
Udemy is one of the world best online learning marketplace where more than 10 million+ student waiting for learning. So it does not take much time to become famous and start earning. Udemy claim of about average earning of tutor is $8000 USD . If you are providing quality video course then you can also earn at least average income. You can set pricing of your course any where between $0 to $299 but every thing depends on quality and how long your course is.
You can take below udemy instructor as example and start work today.
You can take below udemy instructor as example and start work today.
    Rob Percival’s                 Victor Bastos               Alun Hill                  $2.8 million                     $900,000.                  $650,000    
Udemy’s top 10 instructors have earned more than $17 million till date.
What all topics you can teach?
You can teach any topic from technical to yoga to photography and many more. Your course available to any student on demand any time and any where.
Below are list of main sections for courses:udemy course topic
Geography of platform:- working in more than 190 in approx 100 languages and still growing in remaining areas.
How much you need to pay as commission?
if you are promoting course yourself then do not need to give single penny from earning means 100% money in your pocket & if promoted by udemy then they keep 50% money of your revenue.udemy profilt sharingUdemy also handle all processes like payment, customer service and hosting without taking any money.
Feature of Udemy
udemy feature
  • You can create course in any innovative way you know.
  • You own right of your content means you can modify your content any time you want.
  • Course creation is entirely free and no maintenance charge
Note: Before upload any video please make sure you follow all criteria what Udemy expect, if you are not aware about criteria then please visit udemy criteria 
Basic ccourse equirement
  • Course can very from 1-3 hours or more.
  • Video should be clear, well-lit, and high-definition .
  • Minimum requirement of at least 30 minute video with 60% content must be video content.
  • Courses should be well structured to deliver on learning objectives.
  • Course can be in video, audio, presentation, document, text and mashup format.
Way of Promotion your courses
  • Create free video series .
  • Create promo video means create a 2 minute trailer for your course.
Steps to join Udemy
1. Create an online account
Initially open Udemy website and provide your topic name . Then click on create course button below course name.
udemy create course
Course roadmap
Execute every successful task in life need planning and work with planning so below are few tips to start course on Udemy.
1. Preparing: Udemy online instructor community help you out how you can create any course or any issue you face in stepping this activity. for community click here .
2. Planning: To accomplish task successfully you need some strategy like what is your objective ,who is your audience and what is topic cover.
3. Producing: Create great content video and upload them with fulfill all requirement of udemy courses.
4. Producing: Here comes main part and you need to set your course pricing, add landing page and create promo video for courses.
For promo video follow instruction: click here
Provide course content information
Course goals:
Here provide what your goal with this course. what people learn from this course. who should take this course like for women , man , technical people , electronics people, management people, financial people, house wife , children or any other. 
udemy course goals
Here give your lecture name (must describe what purpose of video) and add lecture video, article or slides.
Provide Course info
Basic: Here provide information like title of your course , subtitle of your course , language which you use for tutoring, categories that course belongs and instruction level then click on save to get it update.udemy required information
Course summary: Explain here about your course like what is your course about, why take this course,how much time need to complete this course and many more information.udemy-course-summary
Image: Image help people to understand essence of your course. You can upload .gif, .jpg, .jpeg, or .png file format only..udemy image course
Promo video:-Create promo video which increase more likely to enroll in course. You can use .mp4, .mov, or .wmv file no larger than 4.0 GiB.udemy promo video
Test video :-You can upload test video to verify if your audio and video quality.
Course settings : as per requirement
Privacy:-Here you can fix course as public and private …Public means any one can see & search while private mean no one can search but check by link .
Price & Coupons:- Here you can set price of your course , change price , change course to free of cost and avail coupons on your course. 
udemy price cooupon
Check analytics for better strategy
Conversion:-Here in graphical form where you can see conversion of visitor from your landing page to land their money for your course.udemy-converse
Engagement: Here you can get student engagement , their feedback, what recent rating you got and which course are more popular among student. so this all information help you to make next strategy.
If you followed all above instruction then hopefully your video have been uploaded successfully…Now go for promotion of your video series to earn when any one learn..
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